Transformative Gift Strengthens Endowment and Launches New Initiatives


Gordon College is pleased to announce the receipt of a transformative $25 million gift—the largest of its kind in the history of the College and four times larger than any previous gift received.

“Findings”— An Alumni and Student Collaborative Exhibition

findings exhibit

Cohesive not in medium or style, “Findings”—an exhibition featuring work by students and alumni alike—communicates its unified identity through the sources of its creation.

Strangers and Sojourners


Gordon students, faculty and staff rally across political and denominational differences to launch several initiatives and conversations on caring for the strangers and sojourners in our midst.

Gordon Pilots Sophomore Calling and Career Conference

C+C header edited

Gordon recently hosted its first-ever two-day Sophomore Calling and Career Conference to help students gain professional guidance and skills early in their college careers.

A Campus Home for Commuters

commuter lounge

“I used the commuter lounge every single day last semester,” Caroline Dally ’18 said. “It was exactly what we needed as commuters to feel part of a community on the Gordon campus by offering a small space to connect.”