Forward-thinking Executive Shares Healthcare Goals at CEO Colloquium

ceo colloquium

Steven Collis, chairman, president and CEO of AmerisourceBergen Corporation, shared his wisdom in a discussion with Gordon College President Michael Lindsay.

College Democrats and Republicans Chapters Hold First-Ever Debate


Gordon College participated in an open, across-the-aisle dialogue last week as the College Democrats and College Republicans held their first annual spring policy debate. Topics on the table: gun control and voter ID regulations.

10 Fun Facts About Gordon’s History and Heritage

gordon history

If you’ve hung around Gordon long enough, you’re probably familiar with the brief tale of our history: Gordon College was founded in 1889 by a Scotsman named A. J. Gordon, born April 19, 1836.

Community Joy: An Easter Reflection

easter post

“If we enter into that wonderful morning proclaiming Christ the risen King with only ourselves in mind, we have missed the point.” —Katherine Allison ’17

Human Rights Week Welcomes Foremost Christian Thinkers on Xenophobia


Imagine a barren, lifeless United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. That collective population of 65 million people is currently displaced by war and persecution across the world—a crisis that Gordon College’s Social Justice Initiative shed light on during… Read More