125 Hours of Prayer: Companions in Prayer

Students organized an initiative for 125 hours of consecutive prayer in recognition of Gordon’s 125th anniversary year. Beginning Sunday, Feb. 15, at 2 p.m. through Friday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m., students hope to reach out to faculty,… Read More

Lauren Arzbecker ’14: Putting a Double Major (International Affairs and Accounting) to Work

Gordon College is full of people from all over the United States, North America and the world, but how did they get there? Everyone has a reason. Lauren Arzbecker ’14 wanted to explore the world beyond her hometown of Pewaukee,… Read More

Bone of my Bones: The Sculpture of Mark Potter

On view in Barrington Center for the Arts through January 5, the sculpture of Mark Potter grows out his interaction with materials, hand tools, theology, and life on his farm in Pennsylvania.

December Sun: An Advent Reflection

“Unlike speculative philosophy and secret religions, the good news of Christ is remembering—especially at this time of year—how he made his dwelling with and among us: that God subjected himself to the very conditions of human existence.” December… Read More

Clinical trials, Washington & an immunological viewpoint

News stemming from the field of science and medicine has a strong influence on what’s talked about around the watercoolers in the Ken Olsen Science Center (KOSC). Last week, the Associated Press reported on the recently concluded phase… Read More