• Places for Truth Telling

    There are some places better left private. A doctor’s office, a jury room, a parent-teacher conference, a marriage counseling session: if these places became public, they would no longer feel safe.

  • Announcing Work Ahead: Ready for 2030

    First-year students will be 30 years old in 2030, and by some estimates, more than two-thirds of them will work in careers and roles that don’t exist today.

  • Gordon College to Award Five Honorary Doctorates at Commencement

    The College will award honorary doctorates to entrepreneur Rev. Dr. Kwabena Darko, evangelist Beth Moore, education expert Solano Portela-Terra, talent acquisition guru Russell Reynolds and local church leader Rev. Dr. Wesley A. Roberts.

  • Revolutionizing Reading in Liberia

    In Harbel, Margibi County, Liberia—a community once shattered by two civil wars that propagated the use of child soldiers—Ollie White ’18 is building Beautiful Beginnings.

  • The Road to Finance: The MBA versus the MSFA

    According to Ranstad U.S., the financial services sector is growing at such a rate that there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill job vacancies.

  • Vocation: Finding Our Place in God’s Story (Part 2)

    “What’s God’s plan for my life?” It’s a daunting question, and one that re-appears over and over again as we move through changes and chapters in our lives. Read how three Gordon faculty and staff members approach the topic.