• anna jonker

    Alumni in the Peace Corps: Building Cultural Bridges in Nicaragua

    While studying at Gordon, Anna Jonker ’14 was met with a life-changing opportunity that began when she met a Peace Corps representative at a career fair and received a nudge of encouragement from Dr. Dorothy Boorse (biology).

  • sohenga-grad

    Gordon College Class of 2017 Commencement

    On Saturday, May 20, Gordon College celebrated it’s 125th undergraduate Commencement ceremony and the 20th graduate degree Commencement.

  • paul brink

    A Passion for Politics and Public Policy

    “The past year in politics has given us many things to talk about,” says Dr. Paul Brink (political science). “At Gordon, it has allowed for great conversation among faculty and students about very basic questions concerning what politics is for.”

  • sohenga depestre

    Sohenga Depestre ’17 Named Collegian of the Year

    Sohenga Depestre has been named the 2017 Collegian of the Year, a longstanding tradition that honors the graduating senior who has made the greatest total contribution to the College.

  • carter crockett

    Staff Spotlight: Carter Crockett

    “If you’re going to take social impact seriously, there might actually be no better place on the planet than a Christian liberal arts school, where faithful founders are asked to think deeply about how to address the needs of a broken world.”

  • tal-howard

    Tal Howard Delivers Symposium Keynote Address

    “I’m persuaded that 500 years after the Reformation, evangelicals cannot simply yawn and walk away from Christ’s command that we all be one,” proclaimed former CFI Director Dr. Tal Howard, now of Valparaiso University.