A Night at the Museum (of Science): The Adventure of Career Discovery

Last Thursday evening, it wasn’t dinosaur skeletons and ancient pharaohs filling a wing of the Museum (of Science) with chatter; it was the burgeoning relationships between Gordon students and industry professionals.

Creating as a Calling: Student Reflects on Visit from Praxis Lab’s Jon Hart

As a senior, with the pressure of graduation just a few months away, I’ve been more concerned with choosing the right headshot than improving someone else’s day with my clear work descriptions. But after an hour and a half with Jon Hart of Praxis Labs, my LinkedIn profile was back in draft. 

5 Tips That Make Networking A Whole Lot Easier

Here are a few pearls of wisdom to help assuage any anxiety you may have about networking.  

Saving the Future by Preserving the Past

On April 5 and 6, Gordon will host its first annual History and Vocation Symposium, “Museums and the Future: Challenges and Careers,” with a keynote address by Richard Pickering of Plimoth Plantation, and a panel featuring six alumni.

Vocation: Finding Our Place in God’s Story (Part 2)

“What’s God’s plan for my life?” It’s a daunting question, and one that re-appears over and over again as we move through changes and chapters in our lives. Read how three Gordon faculty and staff members approach the topic.