• A FRAME for Living Well

    For Dr. Navid Mahooti, the physical challenges of a La Vida expedition reveal the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Now he promotes tenets of those lessons to patients, helping them live “better, fuller lives.”

  • The Tools to Grow

    Habits Monika Pfistner ’13 formed through La Vida beckon her outdoors beckon to find originality in her wood and floral design business and to be present in God’s creation.

  • The Meaning Behind the Month

    The Bell caught up with four students to find out what Black History Month means to them.

  • Lenten Devotional: Far Greater Power

    For the first Sunday of Lent, the Center for Faith and Inquiry’s devotional celebrates the power to conquer sin through the joy of being loved by God.

  • What Does Art Have to Do with the Cross?

    In the Center for Faith and Inquiry Arts lecture, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in the Fine Arts Bruce Herman reflected on how art can point us to God.

  • Finding Faith Out on a Limb

    Former Discovery facilitator of 25 years, Liz (Heeren Hurley) Williams ’84, shares how “commitment moves”—opportunities to prayerfully go out on a limb—remain a way for God to use her life to serve others.