• Shifting from Content to Connection

    Former pastor Eugene Kim ’97 wonders what would happen if the Church focused more on community and less on consumption.

  • Lessons on How Not to Lead

    Aspiring leaders often jump straight to the Christ-like concept of servant-leadership, but Professor of Economics and Business Kent Seibert wants to salvage lessons from the bleaker examples. 

  • How to Cope When Life is Hard

    Licensed mental health counselor and author of a #1 Amazon bestseller Janine Halloran ’00 is channeling lessons learned from her 20 years of working with kids and families into new resources for adults.

  • Ensuring Equal Access to Evidence-based Care

    Whether you live near a top academic hospital or a small private practice, breast surgical oncologist Dr. Alicia Heelan ’07 wants to make sure that you receive the best possible care.

  • Embodying Empathy

    After recovering from a near-complete physical disability, Keanna Smigliani ’21 wants to be the person she needed most during her healing process.

  • Finding the Line Between Right and Privilege

    “If the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that ‘everyone has the right to freedom of movement,’ why are the means of movement only available to the wealthy few?” asks Sarah-Catherine Hartiens ’22.