findings exhibit

“Findings”— An Alumni and Student Collaborative Exhibition

Sculptures set in the middle of the room complement the mix of photographs and paintings that line the walls. Cohesive not in medium or style, Findings communicates its unified identity through the sources of its creation.

The exhibit features works by alumni and students alike, side-by-side: small, dynamic black and white prints by Peter Morse ’10 hung between the thoughtful portrait and still life paintings by Rachel Pacitti ‘19, Jaewon Park ’19 and Damon Kilgore ‘18. The intertwining of generations highlights the collaborative effort that brought this art show into being.

At the beginning of the school year, faculty invited sophomores and juniors to take part in a mentoring program. Gordon alumni would return and work with a few students in either painting, sculpture or photography. Over the course of five months, three sophomores and five juniors tirelessly toiled over their craft, culminating in this exhibit, which opened last week.

It was both an opportunity for students to use the Barrington Center for the Arts’ elegant showroom, and be introduced to curatorship. For many of these young artists, it is the first time publicly displaying their work. A sculpture student, Justin Kedl ’19, said, “It’s really surreal. I still don’t feel like it’s actually happening. Especially since it took so long to work on, it’s hard to believe it’s actually done and people are looking at it.”

When the gallery opened on February 4, it was alive with chatter and laughter. Friends, family and faculty enjoyed refreshments as they made their way about room, and after time for mingling, Professor of Art Jim Zingarelli moderated a brief discussion with the alumni and student artists, giving each time to explain the concepts behind their work.

They shared about growing in their understanding of the creative process, and described the unique themes that they explored, from gender and beauty to reality and self-expression through personal objects. As a result of these creative explorations, Findings is a collaboration that creates an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

The exhibit will be on display at the Barrington Center for the Arts through March 8.

By Veronica Andreades ’19

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