Gordon Pilots Sophomore Calling and Career Conference

Just as students returned from winter break to kick off the spring semester, Gordon hosted its first-ever two-day Sophomore Calling and Career Conference, designed to help students gain professional guidance and skills early in their college careers. The event, held at the Academy at Penguin Hall, was a combined effort between the Office of Student Life and Career Services.

In addition to helping students develop their résumés and skills in interviewing, networking skills and dining etiquette, the event focused on better understanding just what “finding your calling” means. According to Andrea Ribeiro, assistant director of Career Services, “Calling doesn’t just include ministry. You might be called to be a doctor and that’s just as important to follow.”

Keynote speaker Dr. Kenneth Barnes, director of the Mockler Center for Faith & Ethics in the Workplace at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, encouraged students to persist in searching for work that is fulfilling while reminding them that “it may not be in your control to do what you love, but anyone can choose to love what they do.”

Gordon alumni made their way back to Wenham for the event, hosting panels for different areas of study and discussing their personal path to professionalism. Networking sessions connected students with dozens of visiting professionals from a range of fields, while providing a context to practice proper social skills.

“I learned how to capitalize on my strengths as an introvert in a networking situation,” Heidi Cookson ’19 said. “One alum gave me great advice on how to start crafting and documenting my personal brand.”

“A few simple skills or a better understanding of what’s expected to meet and greet the world might just boost that confidence,” said Chris Carlson, dean of student success, “so everyone can go out and be of good service and faithful influence wherever they are called.”

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By Megan Harvey ’19, communication arts