Meeting New Demands with New Offerings: Gordon Launches 30 Academic Programs

Gordon College introduces new and reimagined academic programs for in-demand areas of science, business, psychology, communication and more. These programs, which begin in the fall of 2023, will prepare graduates to compete in a constantly evolving workforce with skill and confidence.

“The events and challenges of the last few years—in public health, politics and even daily life—have raised the bar for how we can best prepare our students for where their roads may lead after graduation, to bring hope and confidence in facing uncertainty and change,” said President Mike Hammond. As our world changes, “we must always be innovating, finding ways to enhance what we can offer, especially in building on our strong academic programs.”


Health science (B.S.) is a holistic new major and minor with nine health professions concentrations (such as pre-medicine and pre-nursing), including a professional health sciences concentration and a timely new concentration inpublic health. The health science major builds on Gordon’s longstanding success in placing students into medical and allied health fields by providing a more established pathway for continued success. Students pursuing the dual-degree nursing program between Gordon and Curry College now have the option to major in health science.

Environmental science and sustainability (B.A. and B.S.) is a new major that blends life and social sciences to equip students to care for creation. Gordon’s location near the coast, wetlands and Biotech Corridor—combined with nationally recognized faculty experts in this area—create a prime opportunity for students to have a voice in shaping our world for the better in a critical area.

Within the biology major (B.A. and B.S.), new concentrations in ecology and conservation and  human biology join existing concentrations in biotechnology, marine biology and professional biology. These concentrations allow students to tailor their learning experience to better care for our world and the people who live in it.

Kinesiology (B.S.) is adding new concentrations in  fitness and wellness,professional kinesiology, and  exercise and rehabilitation sciences. Students will benefit from on-campus experiential learning opportunities at the Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness; Bennett Athletic Center; and Harmeling Physical Therapy.


Business management (B.A.) is a newly reimagined version of the business administration major and minor that provides an added focus on the big picture of running a business and its many connected components. New optional concentrations in  human resource management and  entrepreneurship and small business  join the existing sports management concentration to prepare students for a wider range of careers.

Marketing  (B.A.) is being elevated from a concentration to a new major and minor designed to prepare a rapidly growing number of students for marketing careers in a fast-paced and digital world.


The B.A. in Psychology now includes four new concentrations in  clinical psychology,human development, general psychology and  cognitive neuroscience to better prepare students for careers in the increasingly critical areas of mental health and public health.

Communication Arts 

The communication arts major is adding new optional concentrations in strategic communication and  digital media to give students a competitive career edge in the ever-developing digital landscape. Additionally, students can customize their communication arts experience with four new minors:journalism, sports media, strategic communication and communication and culture.

Mathematics/Computer Science

As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, the data science major will equip students to be a competent, agile contributors who can assess what’s happening, what’s needed and what’s right and wrong about the solutions.

Performing Arts

Gordon’s music and theatre programs are joining forces on a new minor in musical theater, which will enrich students’ preparation for performing arts careers.


Three new minors in fine art studio, graphic design studio and 3D design studio will sharpen career pathways for art students in an increasingly digital world.


Current education offerings will be enriched with targeted preparation for teaching in three content areas:  science,  social studies and writing.

A survey of 100,000 American high school students by Eduventures Research found that, post-pandemic, there has been a marked increase in prospective college students with a mindset that is either graduate school-bound or career-focused through academics. Themes of career readiness and post-graduation preparation match the goals of Gordon’s faculty, who have been collaboratively reimagining programs to encompass both student interest and professional relevance over the past few years.

These new programs are just a handful of the more than 90 majors, minors and concentrations offered at the College. Gordon is proud to continue a legacy of academic curiosity as New England’s top Christian college known for producing faith-filled graduates working to build a better world.