• From Fear to Hope: Looking for Christ in the faith of rising generations 

    “Let’s be honest: Our conception and practices of faith formation belong to a different era that for many are not translating into a vibrant faith experience for younger generations. But there is more to the story. Rising generations are finding and expressing faith differently.”

    In the most recent Stillpoint, Dr. Sharon Galgay Ketcham, professor of theology and Christian ministries, explores the shift from fear to hope as we look for Christ in the faith of rising generations.

  • Welcome Jason Linders, Director of Athletics

    Fighting Scots Name Jason Linders as New Director of Athletics

    Gordon College announces Jason Linders as the new director of athletics for the Fighting Scots. Linders comes to Gordon with nearly 20 years of experience in sport management at organizations including Chicago State University, Grand Canyon University, the University of South Florida and the University of Nevada.

  • From Greed to Grace: Michael O’Siadhail’s Poetry Sheds Insight on Human Desire 

    On February 5 the Center for Faith and Inquiry and the Princemere Writers Series collaborated to invite Irish poet Micheal O’Siadhail, who presented his own approach to navigating questions of self and service—poetry. An internationally acclaimed and award-winning sonneteer, his newest book Desire asks, what is it that we really desire, and what is truly worth desiring?  

  • Reflections on Thriving: The Shocking Shape of Love

    Like a plant turning its leaves toward the sun, sinking its roots deep, we yearn for what it takes to grow, to thrive. . .We develop our minds, our portfolios, our profiles. We want comfort, health and pleasure. We don’t mind working hard to obtain these things if that’s what it takes to have a life worth living. But is that all it takes?