PAST / PRESENT: An Exhibition by Gordon’s Art Faculty

The Gallery at Barrington Center for the Arts presents PAST / PRESENT: Gordon Art Faculty, a new exhibition featuring work by current and former Art Department faculty. An opening reception will take place this Saturday, January 23, from 4 to 6 p.m. The show will run until February 19.



Shelly Bradbury, former Adjunct in Art—Sculpture
Tanja Butler, former Associate Professor of Art—Painting, Printmaking
Lloyd Carr, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies—Photography
Matt Doll, Director of Gordon IN Orvieto—Painting, Design
Tim Ferguson Sauder, Adjunct in Art—Design
Bill Franson, Adjunct in Art—Photography
Bruce Herman, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in the Fine Arts, Department Chair—Painting, Printmaking, Art Theory
David Herwaldt, former Adjunct in Art—Photography, Design
Bradford Johnson, former Adjunct in Art—Painting, Printmaking
Mary Kocol, former Adjunct in Art—Photography, Animation
Cherith Lundin, former Adjunct in Art—Painting, Drawing
Jean Sbarra Jones, Adjunct in Art—Painting, Drawing
Deborah Stanton, former Adjunct in Art—Painting,  Drawing, Art History
Sue Trent, Adjunct in Art—Sculpture, Painting
Chip Vanderbrug, former Adjunct in Art—Sculpture, Installation Art
David West, Associate Professor of Visual Arts—Printmaking, Drawing, Painting
George Wingate, former Adjunct in Art—Installation Art, Painting
Jim Zingarelli, Professor of Art—Sculpture, Drawing, Art Theory

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