Running Late: A New Play Festival

The floor mimics concrete slabs, dotted with age, and a balcony lines the rustic, gray-blue distressed doors and walls. Over the course of six short plays—all written, directed and performed by Gordon students—the simple, versatile set goes from being a hotel, to an airplane to a superhero lair.

Gordon’s inaugural New Play Festival, Running Late, is a collaboration between the creative writing program and the Department of Theatre Arts. The pieces within mix humor with sorrow. They blend the real with fantastical. And they grapple with the struggle of human interaction in situations such as being stuck on a plane or mingling at a funeral. With help from their peers and professors, students developed and polished the scripts, stepped into the roles of director, and brought the plays to life—even cutting short their Christmas break to pull the production together.

“It’s no small achievement” said Norm Jones, chair of the Department of Theatre Arts. “For these artists, the work is worth it.”

Catch the last performances of Running Late on February 3–4 at 7 p.m. Admission is $5.

By Veronica Andreades ’19