Book Signing & Interview with Dr. Marv Wilson

Why should the Church study and appreciate its Judaic origins? Come find out on Thursday, January 29, as biblical studies professor Dr. Marv Wilson discusses his new book, Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage: A Christian Theology of Roots and Renewal (Eerdmans, 2014).

“My new book, Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage, focuses mainly on theological methodology and how various theological, ethical and spiritual themes from the Jewish Scriptures relate to Christianity,” Dr. Wilson explains. “In short, the book shows why Christians need extra-biblical Jewish sources, Jewish scholarship and Judaism to expand and enrich their understanding of Christian theology.”

Gordon alumna Dr. Kirsten Heacock Sanders ’05, who recently received her doctorate in theology from Emory University and assisted with much of the book’s preliminary research, will interview Dr. Wilson. A reception and book signing will take place in the Ken Olsen Science Center Loggia at 4 p.m., followed by the interview at 4:30 p.m. in the adjacent MacDonald Auditorium. Books will be available for purchase. Learn more.

About Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage: A Christian Theology of Roots and Renewal (source: Eerdmans)

In this very readable sequel to his popular book Our Father Abraham—which has sold more than 70,000 copies—Marvin Wilson illuminates theological, spiritual, and ethical themes of the Hebrew scriptures that directly affect Christian understanding and experience.

Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage draws from both Christian and Jewish commentary in discussing such topics as thinking theologically about Abraham, understanding the God of Israel and his reputation in the world, and what it means for humans to be created in God’s image. Wilson calls for the church to restore, renew, and protect its foundations by studying and appreciating its origins in Judaism.

Designed to serve as an academic classroom text or for use in personal or group study, the book includes hundreds of questions for review and discussion.