Dorothy Boorse in Christianity Today Publication: The “Humongous Fungus”

The largest living organism covers 1,600 football fields and has been quietly growing in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest for thousands of years. Knowing about it answers one of the forest’s long mysteries.

Biology Professor Dr. Dorothy Boorse shares her wealth of knowledge about this curious creature in her article, “The Biggest Behemoth,” published in the September issue of Christianity Today’s The Behemoth, a digital magazine that illustrates the intricacies of God’s creation in the worlds of science, history, theology and sociology. She has also contributed articles on whale falls and wildfires.

“The largest living creature on Earth doesn’t breathe. It has no limbs. If you walked by, you might not even know you were in the presence of a gargantuan living being. Perhaps, however, if you believed in European folklore, you might imagine a pattern to the mushrooms growing at the base of trees and wonder if you had wandered into a giant fairy story.” Read the full article >

Following the release of her article, “The Biggest Behemoth,” Dr. Boorse was interviewed on-air by 101.5 WORD-FM (Pittsburg) Producer and Host John Hall. The radio interview aired on September 7 during the rush hour commute, following an interview with author Dr. Os Guinness (Brookings Institution). Hear Dr. Boorse on 101.5 FM where the full interview (1:38 time stamp) is archived online.