The Hidden Math in Everyday Life: Dr. Karl-Dieter Crisman’s Research on Cyclic Orders  

Dr. Karl-Dieter Crisman, along with former research students Abraham Holleran ’22, Micah Martin ’21 and Josephine Noonan ’23 recently published a research article in “Mathematical Analyses of Decisions, Voting and Games,” Volume 795, of Contemporary Mathematics, a well-known series of conference proceedings in academic math. 

Gordon in Orvieto’s 25th Anniversary: A Pilgrimage Through Faith and Culture  

On June 13-14, more than 100 students, faculty and staff of the Gordon in Orvieto program traveled back to the Italian hill city to celebrate the program’s 25th anniversary.

Creating Pathways to Peace: Gordon’s Collaborative Efforts for Global Harmony  

Gordon and the European Center for the Study of War and Peace (ECSWP)—the host for Gordon’s Balkans semester—recently completed a pioneering practical peacemaking initiative funded by a grant from the Lilly Fellows Program involving schools like Harvard University and Messiah University to incorporate peacemaking into curricula and student life of their universities.

24 in 24: Highlights from the 2023–24 Academic Year at Gordon

Let’s look back! From groundbreaking research to the spreading of Shalom to athletic triumphs, 2024 was a memorable journey for the Gordon College community. In recognition of the faithful collaboration that makes our community unique, let’s revisit 24 highlights from the 2023–24 academic year. 

ECBA Awards $10,000 to Dr. Craig Story’s Collaborative Research with USDA 

The Essex County Beekeepers’ Association (ECBA) has awarded Dr. Craig Story a $10,000 grant on honeybee diet and virus research in collaboration with the USDA Bee Research Laboratory and Gordon students.