sharon ketcham

Dr. Ketcham Discusses Pew Research on ‘The 700 Club’

Dr. Sharon Ketcham, associate professor of theology and Christian ministries at Gordon College, was featured on The 700 Club earlier this week, discussing Pew Research Center findings on the increasing number of “religiously unaffiliated” adults in the U.S.

As CBN News reports, Pew discovered that one quarter of U.S. adults say they either question God’s existence or that their religion is “nothing in particular.” This group has been termed the “nones” and they now represent 36 million Americans, with a particularly high concentration in the Northeast.

Of this new phenomenon, Dr. Ketcham says, “We then have the amplification of ‘me and Jesus’ and a reduction of the larger understanding of what the community of faith is about. There were days that we lived in where communities were a given in our lives, but today, community is voluntary. I can choose whatever church, whatever small group, whatever program meets my personal needs.”

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