Introducing Gordon’s Online Yearbook

Remember The Hypernikon? The Gordon yearbook existed for 90 years of our history. Up until recently, most students left with one in hand—the stories of their time at Gordon bound together for posterity. Today, social media serves that role. It gives us a plethora of new ways to communicate that enhance our day-to-day life for the better. But the stories about our community are often lost among students’ individual profiles and “feeds.”

The Hypernikon Project, a senior thesis by John Buckley ’15, creates an alternative. The project is an “interactive time capsule for the Gordon community.” Buckley has created a single space where stories can be shared and passed on to future members of the Gordon community. Whether you’re a Gordon student, alum, staff member, or faculty member, you can submit your own memory from your time at Gordon to the “capsule” by visiting Content can include anything: written work, art, photography, video, or your own reflections. The inaugural “capsule” will be open for submissions until the first week of December, and the capsule will be released to the public December 8.

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