Introducing our Student Writers

Reporting from inside Frost Hall and as far away as Rwanda, student writers contribute a large portion of material to The Bell. As we launch this new online resource, some of our story tellers this fall include John Buckley ’15, Mary Hierholzer ’16, Rebekah Connell ’15,  Jesse Steele ’15,  and Marina Lavender ’15. Each student writer has a unique story to share as they offer perspectives; the ins and outs of Gordon’s student life; cover news and events; and the many regional touchpoints students experience around Boston and the coastal communities of the North Shore.

If you are interested in writing a student story for The Bell, please contact John Buckley ’15 at [email protected] for publishing consideration, or email a 100-word submission summary to [email protected].

Photo: John Buckley ’15 (left), Marina Lavender ’15 and Mary Hierholzer ’16,