Top 5 Places to Take Photos on Gordon College’s Campus 

Hoping to take pretty pictures for your Instagram somewhere along the North Shore? There are many picture-worthy spots at Gordon College year-round. Here are our top five places to snap some great campus pics: 

The Bell       

The most popular place by far to take a picture on campus is at the bell. The bell once hung in Boston’s Clarendon Street Baptist Church, where Gordon was founded. It now sits in front of the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel and is a focal point of Gordon’s campus. The bell rings at 10:15 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to signal that Chapel services are about to begin. Afterward many students hang out around the bell before going to their next class. Students take some of the most iconic campus images here to announce monumental events, such as getting engaged, getting into graduate school, embarking on a mission trip and more! It is a beautiful, historic location that is unique to Gordon.  

Coy Pond 

There are various bodies of water on campus, but Coy Pond, which sits behind the Lane Student Center, is one of the most beautiful (pictured in header image). The pond is strictly for viewing only, since it is spring-fed (students can head to Gull Pond for swimming and canoeing). As the seasons freeze and unfreeze the water, it remains a stunning landscape and a wonderful spot for taking breathtaking photos of the campus. There are several trails that walk the pond’s perimeter for students and visitors to enjoy. It’s hard to resist snapping a shot of the water—or the ducks, swans and otters that visit it. 

The Quad 

The Quad, situated at the heart of the campus, is the central space for student life. Every day students walk along the well-cut green lawn traveling from class to class, and the trees on the sides are perfect for hanging hammocks. It is the hub for social activities, such as orientation, REC-IM sports, Homecoming weekend and more. In the winter students build snowmen and make snow angels in the quad’s snow. This is also where students graduate and receive their diplomas. The cherry blossom trees lining the quad provide a beautiful background for some final, memorable college photos.  

Brigham Athletic Complex  

Located near the tennis courts is the turf field where some of the most beautiful photos of the sunset are taken at Gordon. The elevation of the turf provides a great display of God’s beautiful creation. Many athletes spend a lot of time training hard, but with an amazing view overlooking the turf, training becomes just a little bit easier. After the sun goes down on the turf the big stadium lights come on, illuminating the student section of the stands. The energy they create during games fuels an electric atmosphere on the turf. Some of the best campus photos are shot here, full of school spirit and colorful sunsets. 

Tupper Hall 

Tupper Hall is the main dining hall on campus, known for its big windows overlooking Coy Pond. But what makes the hall so special is its unique ceiling, from which flags hang representing many of Gordon’s international students’ home countries (over 200 international students attend Gordon!). Besides the beautiful dining hall and view, the staff provide fresh food day in and out. Don’t forget to take some pictures of the delicious meals, the Coy Pond view and the variety of hanging flags! 

Come Take Your Own Campus Pics at Gordon 

Gordon’s campus has so many beautiful spots where you can explore and take pictures. If you haven’t already, schedule a visit so you can take some photos of yourself at these iconic places. 

By Ada Forbes `26, Business management