DEEP FAITH week: Ken Shigematsu

The annual DEEP FAITH week at Gordon College begins Monday, February 16 and will feature visiting speaker Ken Shigematsu, the senior pastor of Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC—one of the largest and most diverse city-center churches in Canada—and the author of God in My Everything [named “2014 Book of the Year” by Word Guild Christian Living].  Running through Friday, February 20, DEEP FAITH is a spiritual emphasis week every February bringing an international leader of the Church to campus for a series of sermons focused around a renewal of commitment to Christ.  Sponsored by the Chapel Office, past speakers include Andy Crouch (Christianity Today), Richard Mouw (Fuller Seminary), Clive Calver (World Relief ) and Michael Ramsden (RZIM Zacharias Trust; Oxford University).

This year’s DEEP FAITH week will include morning and evening chapel services with Ken Shigematsu, a student-initiated global prayer outreach in recognition of Gordon’s 125th anniversary celebration, residence hall gatherings, and time set aside for God to examine our hearts and transform our minds.

DEEP FAITH speaker Ken Shigematsu, knows the challenges of a hectic schedule—something college students often feel overwhelmed with when their academic projects overlap, or reading assignments fall off-course. A central theme in his book, God in My Everything, is how the ancient practice of creating daily, life-giving rhythms can be adapted to one’s vocation, a theme he will explore in his addresses this week to the Gordon community. From his corporate days working in Tokyo for the Sony Corporation to how he balances his current family and church responsibilities while also serving as a trustee of World Vision, Shigematsu hopes to open a new way of thinking about “being too busy” so students, and anyone at any life stage, can experience Christ not only in their formal prayers, but in their home life, studies, work and play.

To learn more about DEEP FAITH, or request links to videos  of previous speakers, contact Gordon’s Chapel Office at [email protected].