Favorite Spots to Study On or Off Campus

Every college student has their favorite place to study between classes or on the weekends, and Gordon College students are no different. Gordon’s diverse campus layout and prime location on the North Shore of Massachusetts ensure easy access to a wide range of study spaces. Here are some students’ favorite spots to study on or off campus:  

Great Places to Study on Campus  

Jenks Library 

Whether you are looking to study with friends after classes or do research for your term paper, Jenks Library is one of the most student-accessible buildings on campus. In the Jenks Reference Room on the third floor, you can sit and study on one of the many couches, work with a group at a table or stand to research at the reference shelves. This room also has direct access to Gordon’s Bistro 255 where you can grab some lunch or a coffee during your study break. And if you study best when it’s quiet, check out the “quiet zone” on the fourth floor near the periodicals, one of the library’s many private study rooms or the stacks. 

Chester’s Tavern 

Sometimes students need a study space where they can pull an all-nighter or two, especially during finals week. Chester’s Tavern is open to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cozy atmosphere, fireplace and plentiful seating make it a great place to sit and study solo or with friends late into the night. Every Monday through Friday from 3:30–7 p.m. Chester’s also doubles as a coffee shop serving lattes, tea and a variety of caffeinated beverages for students who need a pick-me-up before a late-night (or all-night) study sesh.  

The Quad  

On warm, sunny North Shore days, the last thing students want is to be stuck inside studying, which is why Gordon’s campus offers a variety of great places to study outdoors. Throughout the year you can find students stretched out on picnic blankets reading or studying on the Quad, the iconic and expansive green space at the heart of Gordon’s campus. Many students also hang hammocks from the trees surrounding the Quad—although it’s always a race to claim the best hammocking trees on a nice day.  

Best Off-Campus Study Spots 

Atomic Cafe 

Situated in downtown Beverly about a 10-minute drive from Gordon, Atomic Cafe is by far one of the most popular local coffee shops among Gordon students. The cafe’s expansive menu offers a variety of coffee drinks and smoothies, as well as food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 8 a.m.–5 p.m. daily, Atomic is one of the best places to study on Sunday after church or on Saturdays when there are no classes. The layout is very student-friendly, and this cafe is one of several local spots that offers free Wi-Fi. It also has a variety of outlets for charging electronic devices. 

Little Wolf Coffee Roasters 

Just a little farther up the road in Ipswich is Little Wolf Coffee Roasters, another student favorite. Open from 7 a.m.–3 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m.–3 p.m. on weekends, Little Wolf is the perfect place to start your day or to sit and study on the weekends. The coffee shop is right across the street from the business’s roastery, where they have been roasting all their own coffee since 2016. Little Wolf offers a wide range of seating that can easily accommodate students—it is a great off-campus study spot to visit solo or with friends. 

Singing Beach 

Gordon’s campus is only a short drive from many of northern Massachusetts’ beautiful public beaches. Singing Beach—located in the quaint historic town of Manchester-by-the-Sea and less than four miles from campus—is definitely a student favorite. Open to the public year-round, Singing Beach is one of the more relaxing places to sit and study—or finish the assigned textbook chapters before your next class—while stretched out on the sand.  

Boston Public Library 

One of Gordon’s biggest off-campus draws is its closeness to the beautiful city of Boston. Hop on the commuter line at one of the many train stations local to Wenham or drive under an hour to go study in the city. The Boston Public Library’s Bates Hall is one of the city’s most famous and historic places to study, providing the perfect scholarly ambiance and access to a plethora of reference materials for research. Boston Public Library also offers great places to study outdoors in the building’s beautiful McKim Courtyard

Come Study at Gordon 

Whether on or off campus, Gordon College offers some of the best, most unique places to study on the North Shore. Explore the different majors you could choose to learn from here while you discover other great places to study.  

By Maisey Jefferson ’24, English language and literature