From Boston to Rwanda: Initial Steps of the Class of 2019

After completing 40,066 credit hours and consuming 95,000 cups of coffee, the Class of 2019 crossed the Gordon College quad one last time—this time not to race from residence halls to classes but instead to accept their diplomas. Before packing up and leaving campus for good, several graduates let The Bell know where they’d be taking their first postgraduate steps.

Tori Arau

Pike Scholar, environmental chemistry

In the fall, Tori will begin doctoral studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she’ll learn to build instruments that are needed for determining the nature of environmental contaminants. She’s eager to be moving to another part of the country and to a city that’s considered a hotbed for groundbreaking environmental research. With her, she’ll bring technical skills she picked up during her undergraduate research experiences—funded by the National Science Foundation and United States Department of Energy.

Nick Tozier

Finance and economics

Nick’s interest in East Africa and passion for economic development are coming together for a 12-month fellowship with Karisimbi Business Partners—a management consulting and private equity firm in Kigali, Rwanda—where he will be working as a business analyst, starting in August. He says that his leadership experiences at Gordon (as a Presidential Fellow and Orientation Core staff member) and his internship at World Vision were instrumental in helping him build the confidence to take on this career opportunity.

Grace Shaw


After a head-start interning with The Clapham Group in Washington D.C., Grace has returned for a year-long fellowship with the organization, which functions as a socially responsible think-tank, marketing and consulting agency. In the same spirit of the original Clapham Sect, which included social reformers like William Wilberforce, the Clapham Group seeks to address modern-day injustices. Shaw says, “Gordon’s liberal arts identity and emphasis on interdisciplinary development has equipped me not only to work well in this space but to truly love it.”

Antonio Vargas

Christian ministries (pastoral ministries concentration); biblical studies and business administration minors

Taking on the mantle of associate pastor at Church of the City, a multiethnic and multilingual congregation in New London, CT, Antonio will serve English-speaking members. He attributes many of his ministerial goals to his involvement with the Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries Department and Multicultural Initiatives Office. He says, “These two outlets have given me the ability to form a leadership style that is effective and inclusive, collaborative and contextual, and well-informed. I’ve been able to rest in the tension between a diversity of thoughts and opinions while trying to navigate a middle ground that is founded in truth. . .”

Hanna Im

Sociology; peace and conflict studies minor

Hannah is working for The Academy at Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, as an English instructor for the company’s ESL school and also as an assistant director for The Academy’s language camps. In applying for this job, Im learned a lot from the Career and Connection Institute and its career advisors and mentors who aided her in resume writing, interview practice and discovering many of her strengths. She says, “I am sad to be leaving behind such great mentors and friends.”

A few others, and where they’re headed:

Joe Barnhart


Buyer in the procurement department of Clark Associates in Lancaster, PA.

Josh Austin

History (public history and museum studies concentration); political science minor

Attending the University of Oxford in England for a master’s in the history of war.

Kimmy Mcquade

Social work; Spanish minor

Working at Children’s Friend and Family Services on the North Shore of Boston as a therapeutic training and support staff member.

Sinead Miller

Business administration and mathematics

Systems engineer at Raytheon in Andover, MA.

Angie Easterbook

Christian ministries

Working at Family Estate Planning Law Group in Lynnfield, MA.

Grant Cannon

Accounting and business administration

Accounting associate at The Bollard Group in Beacon Hill, Boston.

Liz Johnson

Accounting and business administration

Associate in the Businesses and Tax Services Department at KPMG.

Joe Sherratt

Christian ministries (pastoral ministries concentration); biblical studies and physics minors

Enrolling in the Military Chaplain Candidate Program while pursuing a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Amber McCarty

Christian ministries and communication arts; biblical studies minor

Serving as an administration and missions specialist for Compass, pursuing a master’s in higher education from Liberty University, and working as a full-time communication and advancement coordinator for South Shore Christian Academy.

Megan Mitts

Christian ministries and business administration

Pursuing a master’s in spiritual formation and soul care at Biola University’s Institute for Spiritual Formation.


By Veronica Andreades ’20