Personalized Career Preparation

Stephanie Fitzgerald '14

Stephanie Fitzgerald ’14

By the time business major Stephanie Fitzgerald ’14 graduated from Gordon, she had already acquired professional experience in accounting, human resources and investor relations. Thanks to two internships, landed with help from Gordon College Career Services, Stephanie had an edge over other applicants—and a job offer before graduation.

Last year, 318 Gordon students like Stephanie participated in internships around the country and the globe. Through these types of opportunities, Career Services helps students “prepare, and gain confidence that they are prepared, for wherever they’re called after Gordon,” explains Director Pam Lazarakis.

Career Services begins connecting with students early. As a sophomore, Stephanie received essential resume building advice—and got on Career Services’ radar, which enabled them to keep in touch with her about networking events and employment opportunities that matched her skills and interests.

Career Services values this one-on-one interaction with students. “Our best work is done individually,” Pam says. “We can do quality public programming, but what makes the difference in the lives of particular individuals is how well it relates to them.”

Among the many resources Career Services offers are academic advising, skill assessments, cooperative education placements, graduate school planning, resume and cover letter development, mock interviews, and a comprehensive database of employment opportunities.

For Stephanie, one of the most valuable resources—in addition to personalized coaching—was Career Services’ annual job fair. There she connected with the two companies that later offered her internships, one of which resulted in a full-time job.

“They had a lot of confidence in me, having seen my work,” she says. “Internships give you the opportunity to prove yourself. Because I had a great internship and I worked really hard, it ended up being a job that I love now.” Stephanie started as an account manager at Veracross just two weeks after graduation.

Like her, 95 percent of graduates surveyed from the Class of 2013 report being employed or pursuing an advanced degree. Career Services works hard to ensure those figures remain strong. “Right there in the ending phrase of Gordon’s mission—‘preparing students for leadership roles worldwide’—that’s the intersection where we work,” says Pam. “Career development is an institutional effort, but we’re on the front lines.”