An Inspector Calls: Fall Theatre Production Continues through November 15

What can a British play written more than 50 years ago have to offer a modern audience? Surprisingly, a lot!

J. B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls embeds a powerful call for personal responsibility within the compelling story of a family whose formal dinner is interrupted by a police inspector’s visit to inform them of a tragic event nearby—an event for which one of them, or perhaps all of them, may be responsible.

The Gordon College Department of Theatre’s production of An Inspector Calls is being staged during November 7 and 8, and November 11 through 15, in the Margaret Jensen Theatre in the Barrington Center for the Arts. Performance dates and times are posted online; purchase tickets online or at the Barrington box office.

Professor of Theatre Jeffrey Miller directs the production, which features 14 student actors who portray the family members, their staff, and the police inspector. Miller describes Priestley’s play as poignant and persuasive. “He helps us see that just as we tend to underestimate the good we can do for others —perhaps because of this—we similarly tend to minimize the impact of our impulsive, callous, uncivil, uncaring and flippant acts upon others,” Miller says.

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