Faithful Reminders during DEEP FAITH Week

Like Christmas at Gordon, DEEP FAITH week is a beloved tradition of the College. A keynote speaker is invited to campus and the Chapel Office plans a host of opportunities for students to listen, learn and engage in conversation with the speaker around a central theme. This year’s theme is “God in My Everything,” and it is led by Ken Shigematsu, senior pastor at Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC and author of a book by the same name. Midway through the week, events are in full swing and students are already changed by the experience.

On Monday Shigematsu led evening Chapel. His message expanded on the theme of “God in My Everything” and encouraged students to remember their identity in Christ first and foremost. In a society filled with deadlines and expectations it is easy to prioritize superficial things over faith. People strive to fit in with the crowd and be well-known and well-liked by peers. In his message Shigematsu reminded students that these are the wrong priorities. “You do not need to be the guy,” he says. “You just need to be the son.” Earthly fame and acceptance mean nothing when compared to the ever-present and ever-flowing love of God the Father.

Sophomore Steven Schultz lights up when given the chance to dialogue about Shigematsu and how DEEP FAITH week has impacted his daily walk. “Shigematsu reminds us to stop and reflect,” he says. “We can put less effort into being known and accepted by others as ‘the guy’ because we’ve already been loved by God our Father. We just have to BE and that’s enough.”

Schultz cites another takeaway as the importance of the Sabbath. “God commanded us to make a Sabbath day for our benefit—not to scold or punish us,” Schultz says. “Keep this practice. Dwell in him and push out the distractions. It’s important and allows us to keep his presence at the center of our lives.” Moving into the season of Lent, it is crucial to remember these teachings and to hold firm to the idea of rest and rejuvenation in the arms of the Father.

DEEP FAITH week continues through Friday, February 20 and will conclude with United Night of Worship, an event designed for college students to worship freely and uninterrupted. UNOW will be held in the AJ Memorial Chapel at 7:30 p.m. on Friday. More information can be found at

By Rachel Kauffman ’15 Communication Arts