Spotlight on Gordon’s Reading Program

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Robinson-_Donna_2007_10_30_12_25_44“The field of reading is dynamic and a review of such high caliber keeps us on the cutting edge of how to best prepare our teachers.”

That’s what Elissa Arndt Rader, Ph.D., and Donna Robinson, Ed.D., have to say about the International Dyslexia Association’s endorsement of  Gordon College’s reading program. Gordon is one of only 17 colleges and universities to have earned the prestigious IDA accreditation.

“We place the International Dyslexia Association in high regard because of what it stands for and how its far-reaching impact has improved the field of reading and our knowledge of dyslexia,” state Rader and Robinson. “The master’s program that was reviewed by IDA has more students than our other master’s and licensure programs, and we wanted to highlight the good work we are doing in preparing teachers to address reading disabilities in schools, clinics and individual settings. This program has been intentionally crafted to include best practice strategies based on current evidence-based research.”

Elissa Arndt Rader, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, teaches in Gordon’s graduate education program. Donna Robinson, Ed.D., retired from the Gordon faculty in 2013 after teaching since 1998. Currently she is teaching several reading courses designed for Reading Specialists.
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