How to be Theologically Funny: Stanley Hauerwas Delivers Annual Malcolm Reid Lecture

At 90 years old, barren Sarah laughed at God’s promise of a child. While the events of our lives do not surprise God, they never fail to keep us on our feet, in fear, in awe and in… Read More

T.S. Eliot at Ground Zero: Professor Bruce Herman and Colleagues Take QU4RTETS to Hiroshima

Now in Hiroshima: QU4RTETS, a traveling exhibition featuring paintings by Makoto Fujimura and Bruce Herman, an original piano and string quartet composition by Christopher Theofanidis, and theological reflections by Duke professor and pianist Jeremy Begbie. Hiroshima was the first city in history to be… Read More

Remembering Bruce Webb, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Business

Bruce Webb, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Business at Gordon, died early Monday morning at his home, of cancer. Prof. Webb, who came to Gordon in 1977, received his B.A. and M.A. from Northeastern University, and his Ph.D. from… Read More

Think Tank Summit for Gordon Business Students


The American Enterprise Institute—one of the largest think tanks in Washington, D.C.—hosted select Gordon students at two recent summits. The Values and Capitalism Conference invited student leaders from Christian colleges across the country, including Gordon’s AEI Executive Council… Read More

Love at the Border: Balkans Semester Students Meet Syrian Refugees


Studying in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, the students of the Balkans Semester Program had the unique opportunity to serve refugee families at the Croatian-Slovenian border crossing.