From Greed to Grace: Michael O’Siadhail’s Poetry Sheds Insight on Human Desire 

On February 5 the Center for Faith and Inquiry and the Princemere Writers Series collaborated to invite Irish poet Micheal O’Siadhail, who presented his own approach to navigating questions of self and service—poetry. An internationally acclaimed and award-winning sonneteer, his newest book Desire asks, what is it that we really desire, and what is truly worth desiring?  

Reflections on Thriving: The Shocking Shape of Love

Like a plant turning its leaves toward the sun, sinking its roots deep, we yearn for what it takes to grow, to thrive. . .We develop our minds, our portfolios, our profiles. We want comfort, health and pleasure. We don’t mind working hard to obtain these things if that’s what it takes to have a life worth living. But is that all it takes?

Gordon College Announces Naming of Peter Herschend School of Education, Additional Programs to Accelerate Excellence in Teaching Reading  

“For Gordon faculty, literacy is an issue of social responsibility and justice,” Ballock says. “This is why Gordon faculty are committed to the science of reading. We want all PK-12 students to develop into confident and skilled readers, and we know using evidence-based practices yields a benefit to all students.”