New Chaplain, Bob Whittet, Ready to Go the Distance

After the search committee reviewed the applications of over 200 chaplain candidates from around the globe, Bob Whittet’s among them, the committee realized that the person they needed was already here.

Making the Most of Increased Family Time With Young Children

Schools are closed, events are canceled and parents are feeling understandably overwhelmed by the time in close quarters with their children. Sarah Skinner ’06 has some strategies for making the most of your time at home with young kids (that will subtract, not add, to your full plate).

25 Questions to Ask When You Need a Break from COVID-19 Conversations

Under stress, it’s hard to find the energy to ask good questions. Here are 25 questions to help you add some depth and flavor to your family and roommate discussions during this season of COVID-19.

From On Campus to Online: 7 Pro Tips for College Students Making the Switch

As Gordon’s week of “pause” comes to an end today and classes resume online next week, here are some tips for how you can make the transition to online learning from wherever you may be.

The Most Desirable Majors, According to Future Employers

After 172 employers identified the majors they hire the most, NACE put together a list of the most desirable college majors. Of the top 10, five of them fall under the umbrella of business, and finance and accounting are the most desirable of the set.