Rebuilding the Local Church, Six Feet Apart

Churches across the country have quickly shifted operations to accommodate the new reality in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two alumni pastors share how their congregations are “refocusing on what’s important.”

13 Books by Gordon Authors to Read During Your Extra Time at Home

Weeks deep into stay-at-home guidelines, you may be feeling a little restless. Why not try a new book? From politics and religion to books for young readers, check out this list of reads penned by Gordon authors.

Pandemics, Plagues, Persecution: A History of Easter During Crisis

Easter 2020 is not the first year that Christians cannot gather for church. In fact, recalling the Church’s tumultuous history reminds us that we can rest in God’s sovereignty.

Making the Most of Increased Family Time With Young Children

Schools are closed, events are canceled and parents are feeling understandably overwhelmed by the time in close quarters with their children. Sarah Skinner ’06 has some strategies for making the most of your time at home with young kids (that will subtract, not add, to your full plate).

25 Questions to Ask When You Need a Break from COVID-19 Conversations

Under stress, it’s hard to find the energy to ask good questions. Here are 25 questions to help you add some depth and flavor to your family and roommate discussions during this season of COVID-19.