Q&A with New Faculty: Shelley Zhang 

As a professor of computer science, Shelley Zhang’s research focuses on the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent agent technologies and multi-agent systems.

Q&A with New Faculty: Liza Abraham

A specialist in organic chemistry, Liza Abraham joins the Gordon College faculty after teaching at Ambrose University, where she established their research program in green chemistry.

Reflections on Thriving: The Shocking Shape of Love

Like a plant turning its leaves toward the sun, sinking its roots deep, we yearn for what it takes to grow, to thrive. . .We develop our minds, our portfolios, our profiles. We want comfort, health and pleasure. We don’t mind working hard to obtain these things if that’s what it takes to have a life worth living. But is that all it takes?

The Power of Gratitude: Dr. Ivy George’s Vision for a United Society 

On January 23 Gordon’s Center for Faith and Inquiry (CFI) hosted its first event of the semester on its year long theme of “The one and the many.” Ivy George, professor of sociology, explained in her talk, “Oneing and Hospitality” the beginnings of a new project that examines the Christian’s role of hospitality in restoring our country to peace and unity through the concept of “oneing.” To restore our relationships with each other, we first need to restore our relationship with God and our posture towards gratitude and wonder.  

Empowering Cross-Cultural Discipleship: Gordon Students Translate Key Christian Discipleship Book 

Hannah Donnelly `21, Anne Shearer `24, Kellyn Burden `24 and Libby Trudeau `24, are making a Christian discipleship book, originally written in Spanish by Dr. Guillermo Mac Kenzie, accessible for English-speaking Christians and English readers interested in Christianity.