The Power of “Yes”

Meet Eric and Holly (Holbrook) Nelson ’89. They formed Special Hope Network after adopting their children Maggie, Mollie, and Sam. They experienced first-hand the profound need in developing areas for children with intellectual disabilities to have access to the critical care, facilities, and support that they need to thrive.

The Power of Peace

What does change require in a country coming out of conflict? It’s a question Shruthi De Visser ’16, has been exploring for 13 years, As a research consultant and activist for peacebuilding, gender and transitional justice, De Visser is now investigating anew alongside two other women—one from Myanmar and one from Afghanistan—as the 2023 Asia Foundation William P. Fuller Fellows in Peacebuilding.

Q&A with New Faculty: Kenann McKenzie-DeFranza

Kenann McKenzie-DeFranza joins Gordon as the director of academic innovation and strategic partnerships and associate professor in the practice of education.

Q&A with New Faculty: Steve Strombeck 

Steve Strombeck joins the Gordon faculty as a professor of business and marketing and has research interests in services marketing, branding and Asian business practices.

Q&A with New Faculty: Shelley Zhang 

As a professor of computer science, Shelley Zhang’s research focuses on the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent agent technologies and multi-agent systems.