Q&A with New Faculty: Kenann McKenzie-DeFranza

Kenann McKenzie-DeFranza joins Gordon as the director of academic innovation and strategic partnerships and associate professor in the practice of education.

Q&A with New Faculty: Steve Strombeck 

Steve Strombeck joins the Gordon faculty as a professor of business and marketing and has research interests in services marketing, branding and Asian business practices.

Q&A with New Faculty: Shelley Zhang 

As a professor of computer science, Shelley Zhang’s research focuses on the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent agent technologies and multi-agent systems.

Q&A with New Faculty: Liza Abraham

A specialist in organic chemistry, Liza Abraham joins the Gordon College faculty after teaching at Ambrose University, where she established their research program in green chemistry.

From Fear to Hope: Looking for Christ in the faith of rising generations 

“Let’s be honest: Our conception and practices of faith formation belong to a different era that for many are not translating into a vibrant faith experience for younger generations. But there is more to the story. Rising generations are finding and expressing faith differently.”

In the most recent Stillpoint, Dr. Sharon Galgay Ketcham, professor of theology and Christian ministries, explores the shift from fear to hope as we look for Christ in the faith of rising generations.