Amplifying The Voices of Those Who Can’t Speak

The month of March brings awareness to those without speech, sight and other abilities that make it easier to interact in our world. Meet Gordon alumni Samuel Sennott ’04, co-creator of the transformative assistive technology software Proloquo2go.

What has faith to do with entrepreneurship?

Dr. Jeffrey Stevenson, director of the center for entrepreneurial leadership, explores the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship.

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Last week, the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) hosted Altar Live CEO Stephanie Leathe ’16 and COO Andrew Amann for Open Coffee—a weekly story hour where students can learn about the opportunities and challenges of starting a business from real nonprofit leaders and small business owners.

SVC Finalists Part Three: Building On-campus Transformation

For three Social Venture Challenge teams, Thursday night’s Final Showcase is a chance to build transformation on campus. Meet the teams and their creative startups.

SVC Finalists Part Two: Impact on the North Shore

Meet two Social Venture Challenge finalists teams who are poised to make an impact here on the North Shore. On Thursday they go head-to-head with five other teams in the Final Showcase.