Megan Sideropoulos ’15: From Student to Stage


By Thais Ziegenhals ’14 As proud as I was to be an art major in college, the familiar question, “So…what are you going to do with that?” never ceased to be frustrating. The asker was typically walking a… Read More

Dr. William Hurlbut to Deliver Tak Yan Lee Lecture

On Thursday, March 17, Gordon College’s Center for Faith and Inquiry will welcome Dr. William Hurlbut for the annual Tak Yan Lee Endowed Lecture on Science and Faith, titled “Biotechnology and the Human Future.” Dr. Hurlbut is a… Read More

Decades of Influence in Education


“This environment here is one in which the professors really push you. But it’s all about loving you and knowing that you can be a better ‘you’ than you were when you stepped in the door,” says Teresa Rivera ’15.

Toward a Sustainable Future: Water Bottles for All

Gordon students recently received an unusual piece of mail in their boxes—a water bottle. In silver and green varieties, and stamped with the Campus Event Council (CEC) logo, the reusable water bottles are meant to discourage the use… Read More