Chord & Color: Jim Zingarelli, Paintings & Sculpture

Opening Friday, April 3 (6:30–8:30 p.m.) and continuing through June 1, Chord and Color, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Jim Zingarelli, will take place at the Robert Lehman Art Center at The Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts.The… Read More

QU4RTETS Arrives at Kings College Chapel

QU4RTETS  opens at Kings College Chapel, Cambridge (U.K.) on Thursday, March 26, continuing through April 6. Professor Bruce Herman, Lothlórien Chair of Fine Arts at Gordon, collaborated with New York artist Makoto Fujimura and Yale composer Christopher Theofanidis to produce this touring… Read More

Experimenting with Public Sculptures

“Often when people think of structures they think of a standard, permanent fixture but the beauty of experimental sculpture is how it creates a rethinking of places we interact with.”

The Umbrella Revolution—Spraying Solidarity with Hong Kong Activists

Stumbling happens, accidents happen, experiments happen. But that’s where God works.