Phyllis Bennis Speaks on Conflict in the Middle East

On the eve of quad break at Gordon, an eager crowd of students and locals gathered in Gregory Auditorium to listen to Phyllis Bennis—a prominent writer, activist and political analyst—discuss issues relating to the Middle East and the… Read More

Spotlight Journalist Speaks on the Future of News

Rarely do you get to meet the heroes who took part in exposing such huge stories as the Watergate scandal or the ordeal of the Chicago’s meatpacking plants. This past Monday evening, however, Gordon students got their chance…. Read More

Literary Collaborator for ‘Harry Potter: The Cursed Child’ Visits Gordon

Facing the audience, he leaned in with his hands between his knees. “I didn’t set out to do it,” Jack Bradley said on the stage of Gregory Auditorium late on a Friday afternoon. “I became a playwright by… Read More

Gordon Hosts New York Times Columnists at NEXT Summit

Gordon hosted Christian secondary school headmasters from around the country for the College’s annual NEXT Summit on September 19 and 20. “Launch to College” featured two highlight lectures presented by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni and college… Read More

The Confession—A Gate Productions Workshop Reading

A public live-reading of “The Confession”—a musical adapted from the novels of famed “New York Times” best-selling author Beverly Lewis—will take place on the campus of Gordon College.