Endangered Species and Ecosystem Restoration: Insights from James Wheeler’s Internship with U.S. Fish and Wildlife  

Newly minted alumnus James Wheeler ’24 worked as an intern last semester helping with salt marsh conservation and wildlife protection at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, a part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Newburyport.

Aaron Wright ’24: Contributing to Heart and Brain Health at the Framingham Heart Study  

Newly minted Gordon graduate and a former Pike Honors student Aaron Wright `24 interned in the neuropsychology department of the Framingham Heart Study, assisting with key research on the symptomatology of cognitive dementia to help patients counter cognitive decay. 

Annabel Smith ’23: Art for Justice

“You can be faithful and get involved in politics. You can hold to your Christian values and bring change to our broken world.”

A Peek Behind the Scenes of an Orchestra and a Glimpse into the Future

A summer internship with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra introduced music major Hunter Hess ’22 to new career possibilities and inspirations.

From Fascination to Future 50

ADDISON ABBOT ’20 | Majors: computer science and business administration | Hometown: Windsor, CT | Current favorite app: Google Photos